No Sign-up Required and no unsolicited literature

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It is really important to me that our users do not have to provide their contact information to be able to browse through the Communities on  I know that like me, they would want to look at the Community information before they decide that is their website of choice.  I think it is also important that our clients get to choose the communities with which they communicate.

Two years ago, when I was researching communities for mom, I had to sign-up on the websites before I could look through the information about the properties. Within two days, I started to get stacks and stacks of  unsolicited literature from many of the Bay Area communities.  It was so overwhelming!  Our living room was lined with piles of envelopes.  What I wanted instead was to be able to communicate with the top 3-5 choices for my mother, take tours and then decide.

I want to ensure that makes it easier for people to find a senior living community with the Internet as a research tool. What I don’t want is for the user, in their time of need, to be overwhelmed and snowed under, like I was.

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