How To Choose Between In-Home Care And Assisted Living

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Even though this topic is not necessarily one that most of us want to consider, how to choose between in-home care and assisted living is a very important one. It may not be fun and it may not be at the top of your to do list, but deciding on the future care and well-being for yourself or a loved one is something that should be discussed in length in order to make sure that the best decision is made. To help you get started, we’ve complied a short summary detailing the nature of both in-home care and assisted living as well as the main difference between the two.

What Is In-Home Care?

Essentially what it sounds like, in-home care is care that is given within the home instead of in an outside facility such as an assisted living community or nursing home. In-home care allows the person who is being cared for to stay in their current living environment while receiving various types of treatments or help with general day to day activities and chores. Sometimes care is given by a professional while other times it may be a family member, friend or neighbor that has come over to assist with bathing, cooking, cleaning and/or exercise.

What Is Assisted Living?

Differing from in-home care, assisted living is a long term living option where seniors choose to move into a community with apartments or a residential care home. The staff in these two options are dedicated to providing around the clock care. They provide assistance with bathing and dressing, meals, transportation and other similar activities. When choosing assisted living, seniors will find themselves surrounded by other seniors in the same life situation and thus tend to end up making a new friends. Assisted living centers welcome family members and friends to visit, making for a socially engaging environment.

What Is The Main Difference Between The Two?

There are a few rather large and noticeable differences between in-home care and assisted living with perhaps the largest difference being the price. Though in-home care can become pricey depending on what services are needed, you’ll often find a higher price tag associated with assisted living centers and senior homes. This is because when a person chooses a community or home, they are essentially paying their monthly rent as well as paying for 24 hour service. As there are many different employees that work at an assisted living community, each month you’re helping to pay for their salary as well. With in-home care, you’re only paying for the amount of hours that your caretaker or medical professional is present, which can reduce the cost significantly.

Is One Better Than The Other?
Is one option really better than the other? This is a tough question to answer as it really does depend on the individual case at hand as one can be very different from the other. However, if you find that you or your loved one only needs help with the a couple of things, then in-home care can make more sense. On the other hand, if you find that you are or your loved is:

• having difficulty managing medications
• isolated or alone
• struggling with medical issues and/or
• having trouble accomplishing multiple aspects of daily living, then it may make more sense to move into an assisted living community so that there is access to 24-hour care and security.

Deciding which route is best can be a tiring, emotional journey. One way to make the decision making process a little easier is to write out a list of pros and cons for each option. This may seem a tedious and difficult, but it’s a great way to help you look at the situation from a practical standpoint, which in turn helps you to form a rational decision rather than an emotional one. If you are helping someone else with their desion, you should always consider your senior’s opinion on the matter. The only time when their feelings or opinions may not hold any power is when they are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or dementia and have proven themselves incapable of making sound decisions for their wellbeing.

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