Gifts for Seniors

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With such a variety of options available, gift shopping has become a bit of an adventure. Finding gifts for seniors is certainly no different. Lately the market has exploded with new gifts in almost every gift category imaginable with each promising to help either make life easier or more fun. Because of this, you’ll often find many different products that are very similar to each other.

To help make things a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of a few great gift choices for seniors that are suitable for use both inside and outside of home. Below you’ll find the list separated into two parts- gifts that are priced under $50 and those that are priced over $50.

Gifts For Seniors Under $50

nwbell-big-button-phoneNorthwestern Bell Big-Button Cordless Phone

This phone helps to make dialing easy with big buttons that are easy to see and use. $24.00

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stronger-seniors-workoutStronger Seniors 2 Disc Exercise Program

If your senior loves to exercise or is thinking about starting a low impact exercise program, these DVDs will help them on their way. $24.95

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digital-camera-binocularsVivitar Digi-Cam Binoculars

A cross between binoculars and a video camera, this is a great gift for those who are looking to see more of the action at sport events or the like. Also great for those who love to bird watch. $43.00

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led-folding-magnifierLighted Folding Magnifier

Great for viewing stamps, coins and other small items. Also can be used when reading. $12.83

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front-pocket-walletFront Pocket Wallet

This wallet is great for those who like to keep theirs in the front pocket and is shaped accordingly to help get rid of any discomfort. $29.95

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nightlighter-flashlightNightlighter Flashlight

With two lights, this flashlight is great for viewing both the floor and the area in front of you and can be used both inside and out. $19.95

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good-grip-bowling-gloveGood Grip Bowling Glove

Great for the bowlers out there who are having a difficult time securing a stable grip. Also helps to provide a small cushion for both fingers and the palm. $39.95

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instant-warmersInstant Warmers

During cold days, these warmers work as instant heat that can be used inside of gloves to help keep hands warm throughout the day and into the night. $24.95- $39.95

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ez-see-keyboardEZSee Computer Keyboard

Large black keys with easy to see large white letters, numbers and symbols help to make typing both easier and faster. $23.52

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Gifts For Seniors Over $50

lighted-full-page-magnifierLighted Full Page Magnifier

Great for those who still love to read paperback or hardback books. An added bonus – hands free application so that you don’t have to worry about holding the magnifier for the entire read. Can also be adjusted according to height. $79.95

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personal-tv-listening-systemPersonal TV Listening System

This personal headset is great for those who have a hard time hearing through traditional TV speaker systems and are looking for an affordable alterative to a new speaker system. $89.95

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mini-bike-exerciserMini Bike Exerciser

Being active has never been easier. If riding on a bicycle doesn’t sound appealing, this mini bike is a great substitute with low impact mini pedals that can be used while sitting on the couch or in a chair. $99.95

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vibrating-foot-massagerVibrating Foot Massager

Both heat and massages are combined as one for a relaxing foot massage that is great after exercise or at the end of the day. Easy to setup and use. $129.95

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wheelchair-cushion-with-fleece-topWheelchair Cushion With Fleece Top

Wheelchairs can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable but this fleece topped cushion is here to help. Made with foam, you’ll find that body weight is evenly distributed throughout the cushion helping to ease any discomfort or pain. $69.99

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