Exercise & Walking Shoes For Seniors

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Walking, whether it be daily or a few times a week, is a critical part of staying healthy and active during your senior years. Not only does it improve your balance, increase your heart rate, strengthen your bones and keep your muscles active, walking also helps to prevent and/or manage both diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, walking serves as a great reason to go outside and enjoy some fresh air.

Unfortunately, many seniors deal with arthritis, heel pain and joint stress. Because of this, it is very important to do a little research before buying a new pair of shoes. The key shoe qualities to look for are good arch support, level of tightness, motion control and overall comfort.

Another key thing to consider is the price of the shoe. Generally low cost shoes are not worth it. The low price factor may be appealing at first, but in the end wearers are stuck with shoes that either wear out from use or cause foot, knee and hip pain. Remember, you get what you pay for and shoes are no exception.

Below you’ll find 3 examples of shoes that are great for seniors who plan to get some exercise in by either walking or doing a bit of running.

Asics GT-1000 (details here)

asics-gt-1000This shoe is great for both walking and running and comes in many different colors. It is also made of synthetic and mesh which helps to allow your feet to breathe a little while in use. This also helps to cut down on the amount of sweat that can cause your foot to move around while wearing the shoe.

An added comfort factor is achieved by the DuoMax Support System dual-density midsole and both the rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning. What this translates to is cushioning at all parts of the bottom of the shoe. This helps to keep your feet in line while they rotate with each step.

This shoe has both and male and female version available.

Brooks Trance (details here)

brooks-trance-12This synthetic shoe comes in a variety of colors and won the Runner’s World International “Best Innovation” award in 2006 for its eco-friendly technology. The Brooks Trance is developed with a segmented crash pad that helps to glide your step, heel to toe, in one fluid motion. This allows the wearer to take each step, either when walking or running, without feeling the different sections of the shoe. Instead you’ll feel as if you’re rotating on a ball rather than stepping on different surfaces with different heights.

This shoe has both and male and female version available.

New Balance 990 (details here)

new-balance-990v3For a more fashionable look, New Balance 990 provides a great look coupled with comfort. With this model you get 10mm heel to toe drop which helps to provide a more natural curve to the shoe that follows the angle of your feet. In addition, the shoe has a duel density collar that uses both a firmer density foam that aids in needed support and a softer density foam that rests against your foot and adds to the comfort factor.

This shoe has both and male and female version available.

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