Confusing Acronyms and Sign-ups Required

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There I was with a mother who could not walk without falling down or the fear of falling down. After being hospitalized she was referred to a skilled nursing center for rehabilitation. The staff there determined that she would walk again but that living independently was no longer an option. However, her case manager, doctor and physical therapy team determined but that she could live independently within an Assisted Living community. They recommended an Assisted Living community nearby and gave us a book from Marin County with listings of communities. Upon asking how to find communities in nearby counties, I was given two websites to visit.

The next day was spent on the Internet, looking at those websites. Firstly, I was required to sign-up with my mailing address and email address. At the time I had no idea that this meant I was going to receive stacks and stacks of packages of information from communities within a hundred and twenty mile radius of our home. Secondly the listings of communities that were available on this websites were filled with acronyms like IL, AL, CCRC, and SNF. I had no idea what any of these acronyms meant nor could I find definitions readily available. Thirdly, there was no pricing, photos or a way in which to compare the communities online…

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