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Veterans Assistance for Assisted Living Care Costs

As I  look at the clock on my monitor, I expect to see the unusual symmetry of today’s date; 11.11.11 11:11AM to roll around. It is the time set aside for a moment of silence to remember veterans of our armed forces.  I have two minutes to tell you something that might serve you or your loved one before I pause to breathe in and out – a little mindfulness, a little gratitude.

Many families struggle to finance housing and care for themselves and their aging parents or spouses. There are significant financial benefits available for war veterans and their widows or spouses, not only for medical care, but also for monthly rent in assisted living communities and some in home care.  News to me!

Transitions for Veterans is a great organization that will help with the tricky application paperwork that you will need to submit to the Veterans Association. There are specific qualifications of service and need to receive these benefits and there may be up to a six month waiting period after the submission date of the application, but coverage will be retroactive to the submission date.

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