Care Management

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The HOPE Program is a Mental Health Services Act funded program that provides intensive case management for people over the age of 60 and who are suffering from mental illness. The HOPE Program team uses a multi-disciplinary approach and is comprised of mental health practitioners, nurse practitioners, a public guardian and a psychiatrist.

Senior Peer Counseling is also for people over the age of 60 but the focus is on supporting those who would benefit from a little extra support in their life. Support is provided by trained volunteers who receive weekly supervision from a licensed MFT and/or Registered Nurse. Decreasing isolation, issues of aging, grief and depression are common issues addressed in Senior Peer Counseling.

Both The HOPE Program and Senior Peer Counseling are departments within Community Mental Health Services of the County of Marin. Both programs are offered in English and Spanish and are offered where the senior resides.

Western Region Geriatric Care Management

Western Region Geriatric Care Management guides families through professional consultation/counseling, prioritizing needs, developing customized care plans, setting up services and referral to resources and making sure the plan is instituted and followed so as to have positive outcomes. These activities not only help the older person, but also provide much-needed solutions for the adult child or family who find themselves in a crisis on how to help their parents.

Nurse Registry

NurseRegistry™ understands the challenges of hiring and retaining the best nurses available. They offer clients with the opportunity to hand-select qualified staff suited to meet the demands of your workplace. Available 24/7 licensed nurses provides skilled nursing services in the comfort of your own home, independent living or assisted living facility. Short or long-term visits are also available with a two hour minimum restrictions.