Assisted Living Benefits

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When the challenges associated with the aging process require a senior to consider changing his or her living situation, it can be a stressful and confusing time for all involved. However, there are a great number of potential options, and Assisted Living is an increasingly popular choice, because it combines the best aspects of independence, community, services, and affordability.

From seniors who require help with a few weekly tasks, to those who need regular medical monitoring and daily assistance, the Assisted Living option can be an appealing one. Below we’ll go through many of the benefits this option has to offer, in order to help you determine if this is a good choice for you or a family member.

Maximum independence is maintained

Perhaps the most significant benefit of assisted living is that each resident may live as independently as they are able. These communities provide health monitoring and assisted living services as needed but for a fully functioning senior it can be just like living in a private apartment or condominium.

It’s the best of both worlds, since each resident has access to nursing advice and assistance, prepared food, transportation, housekeeping and community activities, but most of this is optional. Even so, the knowledge that these services are available, helps lessen the stress of the transition for both the resident and his or her family.

Care can adjust to each resident’s needs

The majority of assisted living communities offer scaled pricing for health and lifestyle services. This means that a new resident, who requires very little help with day to day living, can move in at a modest monthly cost. Then, as the need or preference for additional services arises, incremental fees are added for those additional services once they are provided.

By offering varying levels of care and services, an assisted living community can be an affordable and efficient choice for more independent seniors. Then, the resident can remain in the same home as their need for assistance increases. Of course, moving is stressful, so it’s a wonderful benefit for a senior to be able to remain in the environment that they call home.

Less expensive than nursing home or in-home care

The efficiency of the assisted living model is precisely what is making it increasingly popular for many residents. Having a relatively small staff to resident ratio, they are able to offer competitive monthly rates. These same services, from assisted living to transportation and nursing care, are much more expensive once they are brought into a private home. An assisted living community is also significantly more affordable than a traditional nursing home, where the on-site medical staff and physical care facilities drive the price up.

Social benefits

Loneliness is a real problem for many senior citizens. Isolation can lead to depression and one of the most obvious benefits of an assisted living community is the opportunity for social interaction. Each community offers a variety of activities, outings, and events, allowing each resident can choose the ones that they prefer.

Most assisted living communities also offer a community center or common-use area plus a dining room, so even when there are no planned activities, the residents can come together for a chat or a meal. Since most residents are in a similar age group, making friends is far easier than when living elsewhere in an all-ages community.

Nutrition and fitness made easy

The process of cooking and serving healthy meals can be quite a task for seniors living on their own. From shopping and preparing the meal to serving and cleaning up, insuring adequate daily nutrition can be nearly a full-time job for a senior. At an assisted living community, residents typically have access to 2 or 3 cooked meals daily, prepared with a senior’s nutritional needs in mind and normally included in the monthly fees.

Additionally, seniors living on their own often neglect exercise and other beneficial physical activities. An assisted living community provides facilities and scheduled exercise classes for all residents. So joining in is easy. The fitness classes are geared toward seniors, so the level of exertion is appropriate for the age-range. Making the exercise regiment a group activity with sympathetic, supportive help from the coordinators, creates an enjoyable stress-free health promoting activity for all residents.

Safety and security

An important benefit provided by the assisted living community is a level of safety and security that isn’t possible when living alone. Many residents will move into an assisted living community because certain normal tasks have become difficult. There is the added benefit that if  the senior falls or has another medical or personal emergency, someone is always available on property to help immediately.

Additionally, assisted living communities provide the security of twenty-four hour staff. Visitors to the communities typically are required to sign-in and most communities have security systems to monitor hallways and common areas.  Living in a secure environment with a dedicated staff on hand allows the family to rest easy knowing that someone is always there to help.

Transportation is always available

Whether it’s shopping trips or movie nights or just regular rides to a doctor’s office, having access to transportation means that each resident can remain as independent as possible.  Most assisted living communities have  transportation on hand, so trips are either pre-scheduled or easy to arrange on short notice, with the same compassionate and known drivers each time.

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