4 Best Computers for Seniors

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In today’s world, computers come in all different shapes and sizes. Some are heavy and stay in place, some are light and can move around the house with you and some are a bit of both. Due to the large amount of selections, it can be both an exciting yet difficult task to figure out which one is right for you. But what about computers that cater to seniors? Though there are very few that are actually designed with seniors in mind, there is a nice selection out there that are easy to learn and use.

Here are our 4 Favorite Computers for Seniors

Telikin TLMS18T3202W Home Desktop Computer

With an all white background, keyboard and mouse, you’ll find this option a pleasant addition to your office space. A slick design allows for ample space around the computer and is a great replacement for the old bulky computers of the past. This desktop, though it cannot be moved from place to place, is able to connect to the internet via cable cord or a wireless network.

With an 18.6 inch monitor, you won’t have to worry about straining to see each word on the screen. In conjunction, you’ll also find large keys on the key board that allow for easy use without the constant hassle of accidentally pressing the wrong key when typing a word.

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Telikin Elite II-22″ Touchscreen Computer

Taking computers to the next level, this model not only provides greater ease and viewing with a 22 inch screen, you’ll also be able to set aside the keyboard if you like and instead use the screen itself as it has been innovated with touchscreen capability.

You’ll also find numerous tutorials on hand to help walk you through the process of learning this computer. Though a desktop, you’ll be able to also use it as a movie viewing platform as it includes a CD and DVD player. Skype has also been integrated into the computer allowing you to talk and see your family across the nation with the push of just three buttons.

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LEXIBOOK Tablet Serenity

Unlike other tablets on the market that focus on having as many buttons and options as possible, the LEXIBOOK has one goal in mind- ease of use. With that said, you’ll still find a large number of applications to use and explore, with each tied in to the next and easy navigation from one to the other.

Adding to the ease of use, you’ll find all of the primary applications on the main page with a 10 inch viewing screen. If you love to chat, you’ll find it easier than ever with wifi that helps to connect you to the ones you love. And if you like games, you’ll have the choice to download thousands of games and activities with 8 gigabytes of space available on the tablet.

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Apple i Pad with Retina Display

iPads have taken over the tablet world, and for good reason. With many different options available, from color to size to hard drive disk space, it’s easy to find the perfect one for you. This particular model offers a 9.7 inch viewing screen with Retina display, 16 gigabytes of memory (perfect for games), 10 hours of battery life, the ability to record video in 1080 and a camera.

The touchscreen itself allows you to travel from the homepage into each application right away, much easier than having to travel from screen to screen, button to button. If you’re in need of more space on the hard drive, there are larger gigabyte options available for a slightly higher price.

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