Gorgeous Grandmothers Day Fashion Show and Fundraiser – The Bayside Park

Gorgeous Grandmothers Day Fashion Show and Fundraiser

The Bayside Park baysidePark
Thursday, July 23
2 pm – 4 pm
1440 40th Street
Emeryville, CA 94608

Celebrate Gorgeous Grandmothers Day and help underserved local kids thrive. Watch as dozens of their own residents model Chico’s women’s fashions to raise money for a good cause. Enjoy complimentary appetizers and refreshments plus discounts on clothing and the chance to win great raffle prizes. Your suggested $5 donation benefits

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Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser – Meals on Wheels Senior Outreach Services

MealsPancake Breakfast to benefit their Fall Prevention Program – Meals on Wheels and Senior Outreach Services

1300 Civic Drive, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
925-937-8311 mowsos.org
Sunday, September 13th
8:30am – 10:30am
Pancake Tickets:
Ages 11 and up: $5
Children 4-10: $3
Children Under 4: Free

Raffle Tickets for a chance to win a $250 Macy’s Gift Card or gift baskets: $5 each or 5 for $20

Pleasant Hill Vice Mayor, Tim Flaherty, will be back again this year to flip pancakes for seniors!

Click here to purchase your tickets online!
Questions? Call Carol Louisell at 925-954-8736 or clouisell@mowsos.org

Their Fall Prevention Program is made possible in part through the generous support of John Muir Health and the Area Agency on Aging.

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What is Home Health Care

As we age, we’re more prone to illnesses and falls. Unlike during our younger years, a fallHealth Care Worker and Elderly Man or illness, no matter the severity, is more likely to need extended care and treatment. Though some opt for care from family and friends, sometimes doctors recommended a professional care provider. This type of care is known as home health care and is used as a method of keeping a patient out of the hospital or other similar facility for most or all of the duration of assigned care. Because home health care can be a bit confusing, we’ve complied a short summary of what home health care is, who provides it, what to expect during care and lastly, when care should begin.

What is home health care

Essentially, home health care covers a wide range of health care services that are given within the compounds and comforts of one’s own home. Home health care can be provided both after an injury as well as during an illness and is known as being the cheaper alternative to a hospital or skilled nursing facility stay. This type of care is also known as being just as effective as hospital and nursing facility care.

With the help of home health care, seniors are allowed to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible. With home health care, seniors receive help in regaining confidence, independence and self sufficiently all while recovering.

Who provides home health care

Unlike in-home care, where care can be provided by family members or friends, home health care is provided solely by skilled medical professionals that come straight to the home. These professionals include nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists and speech therapists. Qualified home health aides can also provide non-medical care for those who have suffered a debilitating fall or are struggling due to a recent illness. This care usually includes assistance in bathing, dressing, eating, cooking, cleaning and other daily household chores and activities.

What to expect during home health care

Before care can begin, a doctor, whether it be your own family doctor, specialist or ER doctor, must give out medical orders describing what care is needed. Then a member of your chosen home health agency, hospital or public health department will schedule an appointment in your home. This appointment will be used to target the areas of medical care needed, how often it will be needed and length of care.

Once care has begun, the assigned staff member(s) will generally monitor your fluid intake and eating patterns and amounts, check your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and breathing on a normal basis, check to make sure that all prescriptions and other drugs are taken as prescribed, make sure you’re not in any unexpected pain and help to teach you about your health care plan of action. If a therapist is needed, the therapist will follow a therapy schedule that has been agreed upon with the doctor who ordered the care.

When home health care should begin

The overall goal of home health care is to treat an existing illness or injury, meaning that care doesn’t start until after a fall or after an illness has been diagnosed. Generally, home health care should start right away so that a routine and treatment plan can be established before the condition worsens. This also helps to allow the medical professional to successfully monitor care from the very beginning to the end, whether that end be placement into a hospital or nursing facility or a full recovery to where outside care is no longer needed.

At SearchSeniorLiving.com, we are dedicated to helping you and your family ease the search for just the right community, product or service! For more information and to use our Search, Sort and Match ™ tool, please visit our website or call us at 877-243-8073

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Book and Electronic Community Drive at AgeSong

AgeSong elders love to read and reminisce by viewing pictures and listen to music. ageson2
If you would like to donate magazines, illustrated art, photography, and travel books, iPADS and iPODs, CDs, please contact Sally at sallyg@agesong.com.

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Monthly Family Support Groups – Age Song at Hayes/Laguna

AgeSong Family Support Groups are for family members, caregivers and loved ones of Agesong1individuals who live in an AgeSong community. Participants have an opportunity to gain insight from the challenges and success strategies of others facing similar circumstances.

AgeSong at Hayes/Laguna
San Francsico. Saturday, July 18 , 2015, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Facilitators: Stephen Gutknecht and Daniel Silva, Gerowellness Intern Counselors

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MBK Signature Brunch – Oakmont Gardens – Santa Rosa


Oakmont Gardens – Santa Rosa invites you and a companion to experience the MBK Difference. Join the for their MBK Signature Brunch, meet their residents and associates and learn more about life at Oakmont Gardens.


Exclusive Offer! Complimentary MBK Signature Brunch for Two!*

Oakmont Gardens
301 White Oak Dr
Santa Rosa, CA 95409

*First time guest only. One complimentary brunch per person in 2015.

For more Information click here

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Conversations on The Lake – The Lake Merritt – Oakland


Conversations on The Lake – ASL and Deaf Culture
The Lake Merritt – Oakland
July 30th @ 3:30pm

Though it is one of the most widely used languages in the United States, many people still know very little about American Sign Language and its users. This session will look at American Sign Language and Deaf Culture. They will talk about basic linguistic structures, vocabulary of ASL and how this unique language reflects and affects the lives of deaf people. Additionally, they will look at some of the main differences between Deaf Culture and Hearing Culture. Janel Coughran teaches ASL to Bay Area high school students.

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Passages on the Lake – The Lake Merritt – Oakland

Passages on the Lake
The Terrace Room Restaurant & Bar
Presented by The Lake Merritt – Oakland
July 29th @ 7:45pm

This event is a sophisticated, spoken word showcase featuring the most talented storytellers, writers, and musicians in the Bay Area. Admission for this event is free. The program begins at 7:45pm. Enjoy dinner or cocktails with a stunning view of Lake Merritt while enjoying the very cutting edge of an old art form in a new medium. The Terrace Room Restaurant & Bar is located in The Lake Merritt. They open for dinner at 5pm.
Charise “Lake Lady” Sowells began writing songs with a Tascam 4-track recorder as a teen. Lake Lady (1)
This led to countless live and recorded collaborations with producers and bands, including a national tour. As of 2015, she has released her first solo Lake Lady single, “Will Your Feelings Change?”. The song from her forthcoming EP features sultry vocals, chilled out rhythms and a haunting melodic structure.

Sean Taylor is the author of the critically acclaimed short story collection “Your Smallest Sean TaylorBones.” His work has appeared in Pantheon Magazine, Instant City, Evergreen Review, 16th and Mission Review and has been nominated for The 2014 and 2012 Pushcart Prizes by Full of Crow and Sparkle and Blink. San Francisco is his home.
Luke Warm Water was born and raised in Rapid City, South Luke warmwaterDakota, and is an enrolled member of the Lakota Tribe. Luke was a featured poet at the prestigious Geraldine R. Dodge 12th Biennial Poetry Festival in 2008. He has featured at poetry venues throughout the United States and Europe, and has won Poetry Slam competitions from California to Germany. His chapbook City Tree of Concrete & Hope (2012) received an Artists Embassy International book award. He currently resides in Oakland, California.

Carla Christensen has raised kids, eyebrows, several pets, and the occasional ruckus. She Carla Christensencan turn a phrase and flip a pancake. She hurls maxims and pasta to see what sticks, then cleans up the resulting literal and figurative messes. She writes long and short fiction, creative nonfiction, and the occasional poem, but almost never a Christmas card.

Joel Landmine’s first collection of poetry, “Yeah, Well” (Punk Hostage Press 2014), received a five star Amazon review from some dude who also gave a Joel Lfive star review to a 24-count box of Charleston Chews. So his poems are as good or better than a 24-count box of Charleston Chews. According to some guy in Utah.

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Conversations on The Lake -The Lake Merritt – Oakland

Conversations on The Lake
The Lake Merritt – Oakland
July 23rd @ 3:30pm

Creating Masterworks: Petipa and Tchaikovsky at the Mariinsky Ballet
Three of the best-loved ballets of all time — The Nutcracker, Swan Lake and Sleeping Marius_Ivanovich_Petipa_-Feb._14_1898
Beauty — were developed at the Mariinsky Theatre by choreographer Marius Petipa, to music by Peter Tchaikovsky. This lecture offers a window into the creative process of their groundbreaking collaboration, along with background regarding the set of influences that allowed for the distinctive relationship.

Daphne O’Neal, a former freelance dance and theatre critic for the Oakland Tribune and the Contra Costa Times, writes regularly about dance and music for print and online publications. She began ballet classes at age 9 and continued to study and perform for 20 years. Daphne holds a B.A. in Modern European History from Harvard University.

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Travel Cuba – Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

Travel Cuba – Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
Havana • Guantánamo • Santiago
February 4 – 12, 2016
Journey to Cuba and experience this tropical island nation in a way few travelers do. Join cuba2 cuba3 cuba1the JCCSF’s seventeenth mission to Cuba for a unique opportunity to engage with the local Jewish community and provide humanitarian aid. Enjoy the culture of Cuba, and build a bridge of friendship between Jewish communities.

Highlights include:

  • Old Havana
  • Studio and home of artist José Fuster, the “Picasso of Cuba”
  • Visit synagogues in Havana
  • Ernest Hemingway’s home, La Finca Vigia
  • Cigar factory
  • Shabbat with Jewish Community in Santiago
  • Visit with Jewish Community in Guantánamo
  • San Juan Hill

Trip Leader: Ariel Goldstein, JCCSF Travel Program Manager

For more information, contact Ariel Goldstein at 415.276.1506 or travel@jccsf.org.

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