What is In-Home Care

As we age, daily activities that used to be easy may start to develop into difficult tasks thatArticle Image leave us feeling tired and sometimes a little confused or frustrated. Usually around this time in life, the question of whether in-home care is needed comes to the surface. For some it isn’t necessary but for others it may be the best way to continue a happy and fruitful life. In order to help you decide whether in-home care is right for you or a loved one, we’ve complied a short summary of what in-home care is, who provides it and whether you should consider it.

What is In-Home care

Provided within a person’s home, in-home care is supportive care that is given to an individual who needs help with one or more tasks throughout the day and sometimes into the night. Often referred to as domiciliary care, custodial care, social care or simply home care, in-home care can be both formal (provided by a licensed professional) and informal (provided by a family member or friend).

In-home care is usually given for two reasons- to help prevent unneeded hospitalization or to help a loved one live in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home. It can also be used as a rehabilitation service for those who have just been released from the hospital due to an invasive surgery or a fall. Generally those receiving care gain assistance in everyday daily activities such as preparing meals, grocery shopping, other errands, eating, showering, following mediation schedules, using the bathroom if necessary, exercising (both inside the home and out) and following a healthy sleep pattern. Sometimes, if needed, home care professionals can stay overnight to continue care.

Home Health Care

Sometimes hired help is used to provide home care assistance. This is usually facilitated by registered nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, home health aides, medical social workers and/or licensed practical nurse to provide a service referred to as ‘home healthcare’. However, it is important to note that these individuals usually only stay a few hours and are not primarily used for all day help and assistance.

For longer periods of time, care assistants are relied upon. These assistants, also known as caregivers, work to help keep a person within their own home with out the need to relocate to a nursing home or assisted living. Not only do these individuals help their client with everyday tasks, but also help to keep the house clean and tidy by doing the dishes, laundry and other basic cleaning tasks. Care assistants sometimes also help with errands such as grocery shopping, doctor visits and picking up prescription refills. Whereas professional nurses and the like can be covered by Medicare programs, care assistants are paid for either through the individual seeking help or by close family members. This type of care is also generally much less expensive than a skilled nursing home and is usually used to delay the need to move to into a skilled nursing facility or assisted living. Community while the right community or location is found.

Family help

Sometimes instead of hiring help, family members will choose to oversee any and all care that may be needed at that point of time. This type of care is still considered in-home care, though it is not backed by any type of governmental program. Most of the time there is no compensation plan in place, though one can be arranged between family members if decided upon. Generally family care is given by siblings or children with most care provided a few days a week, sometimes more if needed.

It has been estimated that most in-home care is informal and provided by family members or friends. This type of care can last for a few mere months or sometimes a few years, depending on when and where the loved one chooses to move into assisted living community or needs to be placed into a skilled nursing facility.

A Few of the Benefits of In-Homecare and Senior Living Communities

Caregiving can be a stressful exercise often beyond the capacity of a family member. With family, a career and one’s personal life, is it reasonable to add the more demands and responsibility to be a family caregiver? Certain types of care-giving might also require special training and expertise. Caregivers are trained to anticipate the needs of the elder in their charge and are ever willing to do what it takes to make life simpler. And one can choose the level of care according to the need – from just a few hours a day to round-the-clock companionship and assistance. By hiring Home caregiver the family can have a peace of mind, life of their own and quality care for their loved ones.

When the challenges associated with the aging process require a senior to consider changing his or her living situation, it can be a stressful and confusing time for all involved. However, there are a great number of potential options, and Assisted Living is an increasingly popular choice, because it combines the best aspects of independence, community, services, and affordability. From seniors who require help with a few weekly tasks, to those who need regular medical monitoring and daily assistance, the Assisted Living option can be an appealing one.

When in-home care should begin

Whether or not in-home care is needed is completely based on the individual in question. But for most, care is needed after a fall, surgery, extreme weight loss or mental and/or memory loss. If an individual needs help with activities of daily living (ADL) then the option of home assistance should be considered. These activities include bathing, dressing, eating and sometimes walking to and from a room in the house or out to the mailbox.

Sometimes in extreme cases, such as severe dementia and advanced diabetes, in-home care is not the best option and an assisted living community or skilled nursing facility with the option of 24 hour constant care is the best plan of action. Other times, simply moving the individual into a family members own home can work as well.

At SearchSeniorLiving.com, we are dedicated to helping you and your family ease the search for just the right community, product or service! For more information and to use our Search, Sort and Match ™ tool, please visit our website or call us at 877-243-8073

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Passages on the Lake – The Lake Merritt – Oakland

Passages on the Lake
June 24th @ 7:45pm
The Terrace Room Restaurant & Bar
Presented by The Lake Merritt

This event is a sophisticated, spoken word showcase featuring the most talented storytellers, writers, and musicians in the Bay Area. Admission for this event is free. The program begins at 7:45pm. Enjoy dinner or cocktails with a stunning view of Lake Merritt while enjoying the very cutting edge of an old art form in a new medium. The Terrace Room Restaurant & Bar is located in The Lake Merritt. We open for dinner at 5pm.

Maisha Z. Johnson is a healer, a troublemaker, and author of two poetry chapbooks, SplitMaisha Z J Ears and Uprooted. She breathes her Trinidadian roots and experiences as a queer black woman and survivor of violence into her art, working to amplify the voices of those often silenced. She blogs at www.maishazjohnson.com.

Kwan Booth is an award winning writer and media futurist focusing on the intersection of communications, community, art and technology. He is the editor of “Black FuturistsKwan Booth Speak: An Anthology of New Black Writing” and his work has been published in “CHORUS, a literary mixtape”, “Beyond the Frontier: African American Poets for the 21st Century” and the Journal for Pan African Studies. He curates the semi regular Black Futurists Speak Literary series and is the cofounder of The Black Futurist Project. A journalist with over 10 years of professional experience, Kwan cofounded the hyperlocal news website Oakland Local. He writes at http://boothism.org.

MK Chavez is the author of Virgin Eyes (Zeitgeist Press), Visitation, Next Exit #9 (with Mk ChavezJohn Sweet) and Pinnacle (Kendra Steiner Editions). You can find her recent and upcoming work in Generations, This is Poetry and Zone 3. She has been a fellow at Squaw Valley Writers Conference, Antioch Writers Workshop and VONA. She is co-founder and co-curator of the Berkeley-based monthly reading series Lyrics & Dirges and co-organizer of the Berkeley Poetry Festival and she likes getting sticky whenever she gets the chance.

An ink stained wretch, Fred Dodsworth spent most of the last 30 years in newsrooms Fred Dodsworth 2picking fights with mayors, police chiefs, congress critters and editors. Eventually he lost most of those fights, but the notches on his belt include at least one police chief, one mayor, and numerous politicians. Now he writes poetry and fiction because there’s more truth to be found in fiction than in any news story ever printed.

Garrett Murphy was born in Alameda, CA in 1957 and raised in Oakland, where he resides. Trying his writer’s hand at poetry since the mid-1990’s he hasGarrett Murphy been published in Milvia Street, the Towne House Literary Journal, the Peralta Press, the Baker Street Irregular, Street Spirit, the Sacred Grounds Anthology, Poets Against the war and the Soul-Patrol Digest. He published his first chapbook, None Dare Call it Making Sense in an American Lesson, in 2001, and has won prizes in the International Black Writers and Poets, the National Library of Poetry, and the Dancing Poetry Festival. His second chapbook, Call 9-11 (and Mister Punch), was published in 2004.

Andrew J. Thomas was born and raised by a couple of hippies in a small Alabama town. AJTAnd if that wasn’t confusing enough, he joined the Navy and traveled all over Europe before relocating to Oakland, California. Eventually he settled in the Here Be Dragons area known as Vacaville. These days, he is a sad man full of sad words that he sometimes shares in order to make you sad. When he’s not enjoying your tears, he’s busy parenting two teenage boys and the webmaster for The Beast Crawl Literary Festival, an active participant in The Naked Bulb, and currently unpublished because he is too lazy and too scared to submit anything. Unable to completely abandon his Southern roots, he also enjoys politeness, fried food, and whiskey.

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DANVILLE DELIGHTS – Jewish Community Center San Francisco

DANVILLE DELIGHTS – Jewish Community Center San Francisco

Visit to the beautiful Tri-Valley area at the inspiring Tao House, part of the Eugene O’Neillday trips National Historic Site. A docent-led tour will showcase this isolated but beautiful location, where O’Neill wrote his final plays, including Long Day’s Journey into Night and The Iceman Cometh. Then head to Danville’s beautiful Blackhawk Plaza, where you’ll enjoy opportunities to shop, stroll and lunch on your own. Last, discover the Blackhawk Gallery, where unique and innovative art works are available for purchase.


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NAPA VALLEY WINE & CULINARY ADVENTURE – Jewish Community Center San Francisco

Jewish Community Center San Francisco
Tuesday, Jul 21
9:15 am – 5:30 pm
Tour and taste at Mumm Napa, where since the 1970s they’ve used traditional French techniques to create delicious hand-crafted sparkling wines. At Mumm, you will also view day tripsthe Ansel Adams Fine Art Photography Gallery, as well as enjoy the current rotating exhibition. Next up is the scenic small town of St. Helena, where you’ll have free time to lunch at award-winning restaurants and enjoy exceptional galleries and boutiques on your own. On the return trip, they will stop to shop at the oldest continually operating grocery store in California, as well as visiting another store featuring delectable, locally sourced Napa Valley food and wine.

Cost includes round-trip transportation, tour and tasting at Mumm, and gratuity.

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BENICIA BECKONS – Jewish Community Center of San Francisco


BENICIA BECKONS – Jewish Community Center of San Francisco

The Sacramento Bee calls Benicia the “best kept little secret in the Bay Area.” Get in on theday trips secret! They will start the day at the Benicia State Recreation Area, taking in the sweeping water and bridge views. Next up is the Benicia Capitol State Historic Park, featuring California’s third capital building, from the brief time in the 1850s when the town served as the state capital. Enjoy a group lunch on downtown’s waterfront, then do a little shopping on your own on First Street, named the Best Shopping Block in the East Bay by Diablo Magazine.

Cost includes round-trip transportation from the JCCSF, tours, lunch and all gratuities.

Please wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a hat and water and be prepared for summer weather.

Limited financial assistance is available for day trips.

Thursday, Jun 25
9:00 am – 4:30 pm
Member fee: $ 89.00
Non-member fee: $ 95.00

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Wednesday, Jul 08
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
For More information call: 415-292-1200
With Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco docent
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
3200 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

Learn more about the de Young’s exhibition of works by J.M.W. Turner, a 19th century ArtBritish landscape painter acclaimed for his spectacular use of light and color. Featuring more than 60 late-career oil paintings and watercolors, the exhibition showcases the artist utilizing experimental techniques at the height of his talent. In this later work, created between 1835 and 1850, Turner explores themes such as the rise and fall of civilizations, the natural and industrial world, and religious and cultural mythology.

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ART OF THE ITALIAN RENAISSANCE (1400 TO 1525) – Jewish Community Center

With Michael Leonard, Adjunct Professor of Visual Studies at California College of the Arts
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
3200 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

Examine key works of art created by the masters of the Italian Renaissance, including
Michelangelo, Leonardo, Donatello, Brunelleschi, Alberti, Botticelli and Raphael. TheseArt artists best represent the spirit of classical idealism and individualism that emerged in Italy between 1400 and 1525, as the Medieval Period waned and the Renaissance ushered in a period of great cultural achievement and change.

Wednesday, Jul 08
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
For More information call: 415-292-1200

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Men’s Breakfast Club – Grief Support for men – Santa Rosa

Men’s Breakfast Club – Grief Support for mencoffee
Tuesday Mornings: 9:00-10:30 am
Memorial Hospice
439 College Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Talk and share breakfast with other men who have experienced the death a family member or friend. Meet weekly for mutual support. Coffee and bagels provided.

Tuesday mornings
9:00 – 10:30 am
Memorial Hospice
439 College Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Pre-group interview required
For more information call : (707) 568-1094

Their services are free of charge. Donations welcomed.
Individual, child and family grief support also available.


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Support Group for Caregivers of People with Dementia – Institute on Aging

Support Group for Caregivers of People with Dementia  – Institute on AgingIOA

  • This group meets on the first Saturday of every month, 10:30am – 12 noon, at Institute on Aging, 3575 Geary Blvd., San Francisco, CA 94118
  • This group is: open to caregivers, including friends and family, who provide direct care, long distance care, or offer support to people with dementia.
  • For more information how to join the group: please contact Don Wendell at 415.750.4146.
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Individual Traumatic Loss Grief Counseling – Institute on Aging

Individual Traumatic Loss Grief Counseling – Institute on AgingIOA

  • Individual counseling offered on a sliding scale to adults of any age who are experiencing difficult losses. Clinicians include Friendship Line Director Dr. Patrick Arbore, multiple Friendship Line staff, and masters- and doctoral-level interns.
  • Sliding scale $50 – $150 per session depending on clinician and income

For more information call: 415-750-4111

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