Hamstring Support by Vive

Hamstring Support by Vive
The Vive hamstring support is a versatile compression wrap designed to provide support to the thigh and hamstring. It is made with a lightweight neoprene fabric that is perfect for exercising, and secures in place with two extra-strength Velcro straps. It can be worn on either the right or left leg and is universally sized. Learn more…

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DPL Flex Mitt

DPL Flex MittMitt

DPL Flex Mitt is a light therapy which penetrates deep into the joints for all natural and drug free relief. Benefits of this mitt include the circulations, pain relief and healing for arthritis, pain and stiffness, nerve injury, carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive stress injury, aches and strains. Learn more…

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Talking to Seniors About Moving Closer to Loved Ones


When one reaches retirement years, often the idea of moving out of one’s current living situation into a different home is in the forefront of their minds. This could involve moving into an assisted living facility, senior community, or moving closer to adult children or grandchildren.

Not every senior needs nor wants to move closer to loved ones, and in some cases family members might already live nearby. However, there are times when it is necessary, or can be very beneficial to all parties for family members to live closer together. Below we have provided a list of reasons why this is true, along with ways in which you can to talk to your senior relative about moving closer to family.

Why Should Seniors Move Closer to Loved Ones?

1. Easier access to help
2. Building closer relationships with adult children and grandchildren
3. Reconnecting with other family members

Talking to Seniors About Moving Closer

Now that we have covered some reasons why moving closer to loved ones can be beneficial to your senior family members, it’s time to look at how to talk to them about making such a move. For some, this talk will go very smoothly and end in a ‘let’s do this!” while for others it may be more of a challenge.

Some seniors have no desire to move and are perfectly comfortable and content where they are. Think of it this way: you’ve lived on your own for ages and have been able to be an adult without your children around interfering with your daily life and telling you what to do. Now you feel threatened with the prospect of your siblings, children, or grandchildren directing your everyday life, or at least trying to. Though this may not be the case, your senior relative could be thinking that this will be their new reality if they move closer to loved ones. Your job is to make sure that they understand the positives about moving closer to you, and talk through any of the negatives that they might believe.

To start, ask your loved one what they’ve considered for their living situation for their later years. Take time to listen and ask questions that are relevant to their thoughts and concerns. Also, it is very helpful to state that your intention is to help them take the steps toward a healthy, happy and safe living environment.

A few ways to move the discussion along and to keep it going in the right direction are:


1. Focus on the easier access to see grandchildren

If you have children, especially young ones, remind your senior that they’ll have lots of opportunity to socialize, play and hang out on a regular basis with your children. Kids help keep the elderly young, and infuse their life with new things every day.

2. Discuss with them options to bring prized processions

Most moves involve packing everything into a U-Haul and driving it to a new house. This type of move is no exception. Even if they are moving into your home, they need to bring things that they love. This very well could include pets. Some of this might not be your first choice either, but remember that you are the one suggesting that they move closer to you, not the other way around.

3. Talk about the positive aspects of the new home

Again, you’ll want to focus on the good aspects of moving closer to you and how positive the experience will be. If there are any negatives involved , they should be discussed, but not as the main talking points. The last thing you want to do is create dark clouds over the move. The option to move, and the conversation, should be kept as positive as possible.

4. Don’t demand they move immediately

As with any move, this will be a process and not an overnight event. There are multiple things to take into account. Selling a home, sorting and moving processions, and planning the travel involved with the move itself all take time. To demand that a loved one move right away will most likely lead to a negative discussion, which will in turn derail your plan. It may take weeks to a few months to get a move going and generally speaking, that’s a good time frame for most people, your loved ones and you included.

At SearchSeniorLiving.com, we are dedicated to helping you and your family ease the search for just the right In-Home Care provider, community, product or service! For more information and to use our Search, Sort and Match ™ tool, please visit our website or call us at 877-243-8073.

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11th Annual Conference on Elder Abuse – San Francisco

LEGAL ASSISTANCE FOR SENIORS’ – 11th Annual Conference on Elder Abuse

LASDon’t miss out on Early Bird Pricing!
11th Annual Conference on Elder Abuse
May 17, San Francisco
Register NOW – LASConference2016.eventbrite.com

Join professionals, advocates and community members for a conference that has become an essential resource and networking opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders, including attorneys, social workers, fiduciaries, law enforcement officials, and others working to protect seniors from abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

Learn from leading experts, gain insight from peers, and collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of stakeholders so that together we can better help and protect vulnerable seniors from exploitation.

Up to 6 hours continuing education credit available for selected disciplines.

When: Tuesday, May 17, 2016, 8:30 AM to 5 PM
Where: UC Hastings College of the Law, 198 McAllister Street, San Francisco, CA
Register at: LASConference2016.eventbrite.com

Topics include:

Hoarding Behavior in Older Adults
Undue Influence, Capacity & Over-Medication
LGBT Elder Issues
Elder Abuse Prevention and Professional Ethics for Attorneys, Fiduciaries, and Real Estate Professionals
The Latest Research and Prevention Models on Various Forms of Elder Abuse
Standing up for Elders in a For Profit World
Mediating an Elder Abuse Case
Building an Elder Justice Movement in California and Beyond
Insights of Psychological and Neurobiological Studies into the Assessment of Elder Abuse Claims

And more!

Please support our efforts to ensure the independence and dignity of seniors. Contact LAS to learn about the benefits of becoming a conference sponsor. Contact Kate at conference@lashicap.org or 510-832-3040.

Platinum Sponsors
– Andrew de Vries, MBA, Probate, Estate, Trust and Conservatorship Broker
– Kazan, McClain Satterley & Greenwood, A Professional Law Corporation

Gold Sponsors
– Campbell Green LLP – Trust and Estate Attorneys
– GGU Graduate Law Program in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law
– Michael Stephens, Realtor, Probate, Trust & Estate Specialist
– Roisman Henel LLP

Silver Sponsors
– Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP
– Holland & Knight LLP
– LivHome
– Ingrid M. Evans, Evans Law Firm, Inc.
– Seniors At Home, a division of JFCS
– East Bay Trusts and Estate Lawyers (EBTEL)
– Evans, Latham & Campisi

Bronze Sponsors
– Priscilla Camp
– The Kevins – Zephyr Real Estate
– Law Office of Ann E. O’Hara
– IMT Associates – Sharon Toth & Meredith Taylor
– Merlander Company
– Leslie Byrne, Senior Care Consultants
– Needham Kepner & Fish LLP, Attorneys at Law
– Law Office of Srinoi G. Rousseau

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“Smart Women, Smart Money” Workshops – Novato

“Smart Women, Smart Money” Workshopssmart-women-logo
Take that next step to knowing more about leveraging money to expand
your life.

May 18, 2016 5:30p – 7:00p Pacific Daylight Time

smart-women-logoTopics we will be covering:

1. How to develop a plan that seeks financial security in good times
and bad

2. How to figure out where you stand financially

3. Planning for Retirement: What Women Should Know

More money equals more opportunity and the freedom to make new

WINE, WOMAN, WEALTH – Hors D’oeuvres and Wine will be served

Where: Trek Winery
1026 Machin Ave
Novato CA

RSVP to (415) 506-4569 or visit http://www.alphawmp.com/events

Andrei Jigalin is a Registered Representative with, and Securities offered through LPL Financial Member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advice offered through Alpha Wealth Management and Planning, a registered investment advisor and separate entity from LPL Financial.

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Book Release Event: Author Alexandra Naughton – The Lake Merritt – Oakland

Alex NaughtonMay 25th @ 7:45pm
Book Release Event: Author Alexandra Naughton
The Lake Merritt – Oakland
May 25th @ 7:45pm
The Terrace Room Restaurant & Bar
Presented by Paul Corman Roberts
Alexandra Naughton will be wrapping up the last date of her book launch tour for her debut novel “American Mary” on May 25th with an event entitled I Will Always Be the End of Your Tour in a playful take on her own thematic books and the recent David Foster Wallace biopic. Naughton will read from her novel and work from Be About It press, along with a robust exhibition of Be About It publications from Jesse Prado, Kath Duckworth, other performers TBA and musical guest Lake Lady. This event will be free of charge, beginning around 6:30 PM with drinks and book sales, leading into a short program of performances.
Alexandra Naughton is the founder of Be About It Press, and has published numerous authors from the indie press such as Shane Jesse Christmas, Cassandra Dallett, Greg Letellier and Jennifer Macbain-Stephens. She is also co-producer of the Be About It Live literary variety show, and the author of numerous collections of poetry including ‘You Could Never Objectify Me More Than I’ve Objectified Myself'(Punk Hostage Press) and ‘My Poesy Tastes Like’ (Bottlecap Press.) “American Mary” from Civil Coping Mechanisms is her debut novel.”
Enjoy dinner or cocktails with a stunning view of Lake Merritt while enjoying the very cutting edge of an old art form in a new medium. The Terrace Room Restaurant & Bar is located in The Lake Merritt. They open for dinner at 5 pm.

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Inside the Sgt. Pepper’s Sessions Presented by Ryan Wilcox – The Lake Merritt Oakland

Sgt._Pepper's_Lonely_Hearts_Club_BandInside the Sgt. Pepper’s Sessions
Presented by Ryan Wilcox
Tha Lake Merritt Oakland
April 28th @ 3:30pm
“It was the record of that time, and it probably did change the face of recording, but we didn’t do it consciously…We decided to go into another kind of art form… putting something down on tape that could only be done on tape.” – George Martin.

Sgt. Pepper’s was a pivotal album in both the Beatles’ career and in the history of rock and pop music. It turned the Fab Four into spokesmen for a generation and an era of radical cultural change. Take a trip inside the wildly creative world of the Beatles as they redefined record making. We’ll try to get close to the heart of the album as we listen to and discuss some classic tracks, and we’ll pay homage to the late George Martin, the “Fifth Beatle.”

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An Especially Consequential Election: Placing the 2016 Elections in Historical Context

PeritzConversations on The Lake
An Especially Consequential Election: Placing the 2016 Elections in Historical Context
Presented by Professor David Peritz
Thursday, April 21, 3:30 pm
The Lake Merritt – Oakland

The 2016 election holds the potential to deliver the control of the entire Federal Government to one of the two major parties. At the same time, as we witness the unanticipated success of outsider candidates like Trump, Cruz and Sanders, it seems clear that, for better or worse, populism has returned with a vengeance to American politics. What changes in American society and politics are driving this populist resurgence? Will the left or the right be more likely to benefit? Are there opportunities for systemic reform contained in our unsettled politics?

This lecture by Professor David Peritz will trace the roots of the current populist wave to recent sociopolitical changes in order to illuminate its sources and crosscutting political potentials.

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An American in Indigenous Maya Mexico – The Lake Merritt Oakland

An American in Indigenous Maya Mexico

The Lake Merritt – Oakland
April 14th @ 3:30pm

Presented by Diane Livingston

Fools rush in where angels fear to tread…and so began Dr. Diane Livingston´s ten-year journey into the southeastern Highlands of Mexico, and her life with the Maya Indians who live there. As a retired forensic clinical psychologist, Diane envisioned her helping efforts would involve evaluating villagers for depression, anxiety, trauma, etc. Wrong!! Instead, a culture of poverty completely different from ours flipped Diane’s professional bearings. She ended up building custom stoves for the locals in order to prevent the frequent burns and toxic smoke inhalation that plagued the residents. Don’t miss this eye-opening talk about her incredible journey.

The Lake Merritt is very lucky to have Dr. Livingston as one of their residents.

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Definity Digital Good Night For Improved Natural Sleep

The Definity Digital Good Night proprietary LED source works with your body’s natural Digital Good Night
melatonin. This bulb lets melatonin do its thing so you can fall asleep naturally, wake up feeling rested and maintain normal sleep cycles. Learn more…

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